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111 Brook Street
Scarsdale, NY, 10583
United States

(914) 713-8515

Westchester Life is Dr. Joey Amato’s Scarsdale, New York based Chiropractic Facility, which focuses on The Mind, The Spine and The Gut as a inclusive health system. We offer services that no other chiropractor does and our unique method has proven results time after time. For $99 a month, you can come see us up to 12 times.

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The Doc

About Dr. Joey Amato

Dr. Joey Amato, DC, is a Principled Chiropractor who believes in body maintenance over body “treatment.” By focusing on life, living, longevity, purpose, power, and action, he developed the Five Components to Absolute Emotional and Physical Health and lives them daily in his personal life and in his work promoting the tenets of principled health care.

A 2002 graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia, within a year Dr. Amato opened his first office, The Loft Chiropractic Life Center in New York City. In the ten years that followed, he gave presentations both locally and around the country, and added value to the lives of thousands of people with his seminars Raw Health, Survival of the Fittest, and The Gift. His clients range from infants and children, to everyday housewives and husbands, to professional athletes, actors, and performers, to top executives and CEOs.

“You are your #1 investment” is Dr. Amato’s mantra. His single purpose in life is to assist people in understanding that the choices they make daily directly influence their emotional, physical, and financial health and stability. He works solely with those who understand their emotional and physical health is their own responsibility and who are willing to take direct charge of it so as to get more out of life.

Dr. Amato is CEO of Westchester Life Principled Healthcare and Pure Food and Drink body nourishment grab-and-go establishments. He wrote The Absolute Truth & Common Sense! to make his message of principled health care accessible to virtually anyone. An avid reader, Dr. Amato enjoys continuous learning from others who are successful and fulfilled in life, and knows that the readers of his book will be more informed and ready to take control of their own absolute emotional and physical health.